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PSCC is an industry leader in responsible serving®, seller/server certifications and interactive training for food service professionals, bartenders, waiters, waitresses, and alcohol servers. The PSCC support staff consists of food service industry experts as well as technical support personnel that are here to assist you 12 hours a day!

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Approvals for Responsible Serving of Food & Alcohol

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 North Carolina Responsible Serving® Approvals

North Carolina
1306126800northcarolina2.pngThe Rserving® North Carolina Responsible Serving® of Alcohol Course has been approved by North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission and fulfills the Responsible Alcohol Seller/Server training requirement in North Carolina. Taking this North Carolina online alcohol server / seller training will get you your North Carolina alcohol server / seller certification to work as a bartender, server or seller in North Carolina.

Employers receive discount pricing.

 South Dakota Responsible Serving® Approvals

South Dakota
1306126800southdakota.pngThis Rserving® South Dakota Responsible Serving® of Alcohol Course has been approved by the SD Department of Revenue for servers and bartenders to learn the basics of responsible alcohol service and get their South Dakota alcohol server / seller certification. This South Dakota online server / seller training course teaches you how to prevent drunk driving and underage drinking. In the event of a violations, reduced penalties will be assessed if the bartender or server in question is certified prior to the violation.

Includes SD sales tax.

Employers receive discount pricing.

 Texas Responsible Serving® of Alcohol Approvals

1306126800texas2.jpgThe Rserving® Texas Responsible Serving® of Alcohol Course has been approved by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission and fulfills the certification requirement for alcohol servers and bartenders for Texas Responsible Serving® / seller certification. Upon successful completion of this Texas approved online alcohol server / seller training course, certified students can print their official TABC wallet card and their certification information is uploaded to the state database. Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) Approved Certification #530-599

Receive your official TABC plastic wallet card in the mail for NO EXTRA CHARGE!

Employers receive discount pricing.

You may be transferred to another website when you add the course to your cart. The training is provided by Professional Server Certification Corporation, who may ask for personally identifiable information if such information is required by state agencies. You may refuse to be transferred without incurring fees by not adding the course to your cart.   Course Number: #530-599

 Utah On-Premise Responsible Serving® of Alcohol Approvals

1306126800utah.pngThe Rserving® Utah On-Premises Responsible Serving® Course has been approved by Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control for Utah alcohol server / seller training. Upon successful completion of the course, students can print their approved Utah alcohol server / seller certificate. Rserving® also uploads information on certified students to the Utah State server database for future employers to verify Utah server / seller certification status.

This course meets the Utah alcohol server / seller certification requirements for bartenders and alcohol servers in Utah if you are serving alcohol at a restaurant, private club, bar, or tavern in Utah for on premise consumption.

Employers receive discount pricing.

If you work in a convenience store, grocery store, or other any off-premises sale business, you will need to take the Utah E.A.S.Y. Off Premises Responsible Serving® course for training in responsible alcohol selling techniques for clerks and managers.

 Illinois Responsible Serving® of Alcohol Approvals

The Rserving® Illinois Responsible Serving® of Alcohol Course is a BASSET (Beverage Alcohol Sellers and Servers Education and Training) program approved by the Illinois Liquor Control Commission for training Illinois alcohol sellers and servers.This on-premises BASSET certification is approved for Illinois

This Illinois alcohol server / seller training and certification for on-premises employees will train you in responsible serving® techniques for bartenders, servers, waiters and waitresses and will certify you to work in on-premises alcohol service establishments.

Employers receive discount pricing.

NOTICE: You are required to obtain a BASSET approved Responsible Serving® of Alcohol certification within 120 days of employment.

  School Code: BASSET License #: 5A-0092892

 Wisconsin Responsible Serving of Alcohol Approvals


Approved Wisconsin DOR Alcohol Seller/Server Certification

The Rserving® Wisconsin Responsible Serving® of Alcohol course is approved by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue - for Wisconsin Alcohol Seller / Server Certification. This Wisconsin approved online responsible beverage server training course provides the Wisconsin State Approved Alcohol Server / Seller certification required to comply with Sec. 125.17 and 125.04(5)(a)5. Wis. Stats. and can be used to get your Wisconsin bartending license in the State of Wisconsin.

Employers receive discount pricing.

 Food Safety for Handlers Approvals

California (Pre-Licensing)
The Rserving® Food Safety for Handlers Course can be used to obtain your food handler card in California. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a food handler certificate of completion from Rserving®.

Notice to residents of Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego counties: This course does not meet the requirements in your county. A food handler card obtained from Rserving® will be valid everywhere in California (except these counties).
The Rserving® Food Safety for Handlers Course is approved in Illinois and can be used to obtain your food handler card in Illinois. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a food handler certificate of completion from Rserving® and a food handler wallet card will be mailed to the address on your account.
The Rserving® Food Safety for Handlers Course meets the requirements in your state and can be used to train food handlers in responsible food handling techniques in all counties in Arizona. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a food handler certificate of completion from Rserving®.